Asirvia Go Review – Proximity Marketing the Best Way to Get New Leads?

Asirvia Go Review

This Asirvia Go Review is going to take a look at Proximity marketing which is considered to be a game-changing marketing strategy that all businesses should get involved in.

Basically, this marketing method allows you to send advertising messages to people’s smartphones and mobile devices when they are in certain areas near you.

For this, a device is required that is able to target people’s smartphones, usually through Bluetooth. One such device is offered by Asirvia Go, which also has an MLM opportunity for those who wish to sell the product.

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of the Asirvia Go in this Asirvia Go Review.

Asirvia Go Review – What Is Asirvia Go?

Very simply put, Asirvia Go is a beacon unit that can be placed anywhere or carried on the person.

It broadcasts a message over a 100-yard radius and this message will be received by any device that has Bluetooth and Location enabled.

The message contains a link which people can click and this takes them to the website of the sender.

The Asirvia Go device is lightweight and measures about the size of an Oreo.

It is fitted with an on/off switch to give you more control.

It is not 100% waterproof, however, which is something to be aware of if you want to use it outside.

Asirvia Go Review – Asirvia Go Cost

There are two types of platforms to choose from, which are the GO Basic and the GO Plus, each with different prices. Specifically:

Asirvia Go Review

Go Basic costs:

  • $69 per month for 3 units
  • $99 per month for 5 units
  • $129 per month for 8 units
  • $192 per month for 12 units
  • $256 per month for 16 units
  • $320 per month for 20 units

The price you pay is mainly for the platform on which the beacons are used.

You will also have to pay your first and last month subscription, a $30 fee for activation, and shipping.

You can cancel at any time, but because you have already paid for your last month, the unit will remain active for 30 more days.

If you decide to go for Go Plus, you will pay the same fees, with an added $19 per month.

Asirvia Go Review – How to Use Asirvia Go

Using your beacon is very easy.

Essentially, you only need to navigate to your platform and set your message with link.

The Go Plus comes with a number of added features that may mean the extra $19 is worth your while. These features include:

  • Adding an image or YouTube video
  • Adding a physical store address
  • A ‘more info’ button
  • Ability of customers to save the ad
  • Ability to share the ad on social media, with the possibility of going viral
  • Ability to set expiration dates
  • Adding a clickable phone number
  • New features to be added (GO Local and Go Social 2 are in the pipeline)

Asirvia Go Review – The Asirvia Affiliate Program

In order for the Asirvia Go beacon to be sold, the company relies on affiliates.

Joining their program is reasonably easy.

You only need to pay a $25 monthly fee to access their ‘virtual training center’, after which you can get started. You need not be an affiliate only, meaning you can promote and sell the product, but you can also become an Independent Representative. This means that you manage other affiliates and earn a residual income for doing so.

The compensation plan is mainly for those who become Independent Representatives, which you can become by having three customers and one affiliate minimum. The compensation plan includes four ways to get paid:

  1. Direct sales commission
  2. Residual income from subscriptions
  3. Daily pay
  4. Generational check match

There is also a bonus, which allows you to earn as much as $3,000 in the first 90 days if you perform particularly well. Clear details are provided on the Asirvia website in terms of the different ranks and the income associated with each.

As an affiliate, you will also be able to access the Asirvia Marketing Platform, which is a reasonably new feature designed to help you grow your business.

This perhaps the best turn-key marketing system I've ever seen.

When you become an Asirvia Go Affiliate, you get;

  • Autoresponders with 3 different detailed message series
  • Custom link tracking
  • Regularly updated blog articles customed with your affiliate link
  • Social media marketing images
  • Evergreen webinar coded with your affiliate link
  • CRM
  • SMS messaging from your back office
  • Phone Dialer in your back office
  • Step-by-Step training tutorial videos
  • …and more.

Asirvia Go Review

Asirvia Go Review – What I Liked About Asirvia

  • The Asirvia Go beacons are easy to use, lightweight to carry and actually work.
  • The affiliate program marketing platform is the best I've ever seen from an affiliate/mlm company.
  • The affiliate program is fair, easy to understand, and easy to be successful in, particularly through the new Asirvia Marketing Platform.
  • Asirvia Go is available on Android and on iPhone for those who have Physical Web installed.
  • Beacons are suitable for all types of businesses and proximity marketing is accepted to be a viable way to market a business far and wide. Indeed, even charities and churches now use this method.
  • The device is portable, which means that it can easily be taken to crowded areas, thereby spreading the advertisement message far and wide.
  • 60% of cellphones in this country are Android, which means the device can reach almost everybody.
  • It is very easy to set up messages.
  • The Go Plus option allows you to access more features for even better targeting.

Asirvia Go Review – What I Didn’t Like About Asirvia

  • There are always some concerns about MLM programs, as they make things look as if it is very easy to make a lot of money. The reality is that affiliate program and MLM programs are just like any other business, which require you to put in a lot of work before you are able to reap the benefits of success.
  • Messages can only be received by those who have both Bluetooth and Location enabled. However most people have both of those on.

Asirvia Go Review – The Final Verdict

If you are interested in proximity marketing to market your business or to become an affiliate yourself, you should definitely consider Asirvia and the Asirvia Go.

The product itself is of very high quality and research has shown that the impact of proximity marketing is very strong.

It is easy to use it to attract people to your online offers and into your physical stores, for instance by beaming a discount over to them as they are within 100 years of you 36 degrees around you.

Because of the fact that proximity marketing is so popular among businesses, joining as an affiliate means that, so long as your happy to put in some work, you are likely to be successful.

Hence, Asirvia Go is 100% recommended.

Asirvia Go Review